Graphic Image, Inc. / GiGi New York

305 Spagnoli Road
New York
United States
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GRAPHIC IMAGE Founded by Bennett Glazer, in 1969. With the creation of the three new brands described below, Graphic Image returns to its core principles - great value, great leather, great price. Graphic Image is equally about our books and accessories. Its leathers are standard and purchased where quality, price and opportunity come together.

POST Introduced in 2007, Post features state of the art technological materials in place of leather. The result ranges from classic to cool. Post books offer the same qualities of paper and binding as the entire line; savings on the cover material allow for the lower price points. Post accessories provide an element of whimsy to the line. Post demonstrates that a product does not need to be expensive to be desirable.

GIGI NEW YORK Introduced in 2011, GIGI (Graphic Image II) continues the accessory direction of the company mixing small leather goods, handbags and wallets as an extension of Graphic Image. While there is some product overlap, GiGi is more adventurous in its choice of leathers and new products. With this addition to the family, GiGi will take the progressive path forward while Graphic Image remains in its leather and bookbinding roots. GiGi is fashion and GiGi is new.

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