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Job Title
Associate CAD Artist
New York, New York
United States
NY Metro
Position type
Job Function
Design - Graphic/Prints
Design - Textiles

Associate CAD Artist


Basic Purpose:   

This position is responsible for the operation of the CAD system to create original graphics and artwork that is technically ready for design production as well as for visual presentations.  It is the responsibility of this position to interpret the design idea into a graphic or print that is suitable for the product category.  The will include color, technique and possible texture. 

Principal Accountabilities: 

  • Produce artwork on a seasonal basis that maintains the aesthetic in graphic/print design and that is technically ready for production.  This includes prints, yarn, dyes and embroideries for both woven and knits and for all classifications
  • Work with CAD Senior Manager and team researching and creating designs that can be interpreted for the Talbots core customer
  • Re-design antique/vintage documents to create patterns/prints that are exclusive to Talbots
  • Re-color original artwork to fit into seasonal color palettes
  • Re-design and adjust original artwork to create well balanced designs.
  • Support the design group with artwork and used for visual presentations during merchandising meetings
  • Match seasonal color palettes within CAD system for a true representation of color used for presentations, color cards and artwork
  • Submit technical repeats for print production
  • Maintain an in-house library of all CAD generated artwork
  • Maintain a reference library of print, yarn dye and stripe designs
  • Maintain printers, scanners and the CAD system
  • Develop prints and completed art work for pre-season concepts to present to merchants in order to assist them in understanding global print direction


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 2-4 years CAD experience; working in menswear CAD wovens a plus
  • A strong understanding of yarndye plaids and stripes as well as the Kaledo Weave and/or Ned Graphics weave program is a must
  • Proficiency and experience with garment design, color, and printing for both woven and knit
  • Knowledge of Adobe Illustrate and Photoshop a must